Episode 2: Selling Tough Prospects


Bob Talks Not Selling to Undercutters

This is a short podcast on how you should handle the tough client who wants to undercut you on your prices. It’s not necessary for you to succumb to difficult clients. Take a listen and have fun on your sales adventures.


By the way, be sure to watch this short video on our upcoming Selling Lab workshop. This Link opens in a new window.

Episode 1: Best Sales Pitch and 10 Tips


On today’s episode of Selling Lab, Bob Yeager discusses the insights to the best sales pitch EVER and…

10 Tips to supercharge your sales success. Be sure to join us for our next upcoming Sales Broadcasting 2014 Workshop.

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Episode 0: Selling a $3 K Client

Bob Yeager Does a Case Study with Cate Ferguson on How She Landed a $3,000 Client

Hey there folks. In this special 1 hour episode of Selling Lab, Bob Yeager and Cate Ferguson describes how Cate leveraged one of Bob’s Selling Tactics to land a $3K client and have them LOVING to pay her!

Take a listen.

Be sure to listen how Cate:

  • Approaches the client
  • 3 points of contact necessary to close the deal
  • sales literature she implemented
  • How she closed a $3K day deal within a week.